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We’re developing conceptual plans for an improved walking, rolling, and cycling path across Granville Bridge.

Originally designed for high-volume freeways that were never built, Granville Bridge presents significant accessibility and safety challenges for today’s urban context.

The Granville Bridge Connector would address a major gap in the city’s active transportation network and serve some of the densest parts of the city. There is also potential for features such as art, lighting, seating, and lookout stations to create a special place and enjoyable experience for people of all ages and abilities.

The project is key to accommodating the growing number of people living, working, and playing in the city and region, and helping us meet our Climate Emergency Action Plan targets.

What's happening

Our final phase of public and stakeholder engagement was completed in early 2020. The vast majority of respondents supported the recommended design, West Side Plus, and provided many valuable suggestions.

Staff presented the recommendations for the Granville Bridge Connector and Drake St to Council on September 16, 2020. Council approved the first phase of the Granville Bridge Connector along with Drake St improvements on September 29, 2020. 

View recordings from the Council meetings and read the Council report

Find information on how to watch Council live, speak to Council by phone, or send comments online

Open houses and online survey

Thank you to everyone that shared your input by attending our open houses, participating in our workshops, or by taking the online survey.

Current challenges

By City of Vancouver

Granville Bridge was designed to connect to high-speed, high-volume freeways that were never built.The freeway-style design presents significant safety and accessibility challenges for today’s urban context.

  • Narrow and uncomfortable sidewalks next to high-speed traffic

  • Steps in the sidewalks at crossings make the bridge inaccessible for people with mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters.

  • Unsignalized crosswalks at vehicle ramps feel unsafe and contribute to motor vehicle collisions.

  • Confusing connections due to vehicle ramps and signage designed for high-speed traffic

  • No cycling facilities across the bridge means people cycling either share a travel lane with high-speed motor traffic, or mix with pedestrians on the sidewalk.


Revised project goals

Based on feedback from phase 1, we refined the goals to:

  • Support our climate emergency efforts by enabling more trips via sustainable transportation
  • Make walking, rolling, and cycling across the bridge accessible, safe, and comfortable for all ages and abilities
  • Provide direct and intuitive walking, rolling, and cycling connections to key destinations and the sustainable transportation network
  • Create a special place that provides an enjoyable experience for all
  • Enable reliable transit and continued access for emergency vehicles
  • Accommodate motor vehicles, considering the bridge’s role in the regional transportation network
  • Integrate means prevention to deter self-harm
  • Incorporate environmental features, including provisions for rainwater management and wildlife habitat
  • Design for the future, considering compatibility with related projects and flexibility to adapt as the city grows
  • Provide value for money and maximize coordination opportunities

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Project area


Here is our timeline and anticipated milestones. The timeline is subject to change based on input and direction by Council.

  • January 30, 2019

    Council approval

    Council approves moving forward with public engagement to inform additional design options as part of improvements to the bridge.

  • April 2019

    Phase 1

    We’re seeking feedback on the draft goals, how you use the bridge today, and your aspirations for the kind of connection Granville Bridge could be.

  • September 2019

    Phase 2

    We’ll report back on what we heard in Phase 1, and reach out to present and hear your feedback on high-level design options for improved walking, rolling, and cycling connections on the bridge.

  • We are here
  • Early 2020

    Phase 3

    We’ll report back on what we heard in Phase 2 and present an evaluation of the design options.

  • September 16, 2020

    Council decision

    Staff plan to present recommendations for Granville Bridge Connector and Drake Street

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