If you want to operate a pedicab in Vancouver, you must be 19 years of age or older.

You also need:

To operate a pedicab leased from a licensed pedicab company, you will need:

  • A vehicles for hire licence for a pedicab lessee
  • Photo ID that shows your name, current address, and date of birth

Pedicab safety and identification requirements

Pedicabs must be equipped with:

  • Rear hydraulic brakes and front V-brakes, or another braking system approved by the inspector
  • Front headlight and rear tail lights and rear flashing light (for night time operations)
  • Turn signal lights and a standard bell
  • Reflectors on wheels, carriages, and rear bumper, or similar protection
  • Rear mud flaps, or similar protection
  • First aid and repair kit
  • Six-foot safety flag (unless rooftop design exceeds six feet)
  • Business name and identification number that uniquely identifies each pedicab, and is painted or permanently affixed in figures at least 5 cm high, on each side and to the rear of the pedicab
  • Current Vehicles for Hire plate, displayed at the rear

Motor assisted pedicabs must also meet ICBC requirements for motor assisted cycles.

All pedicab operators must:

  • Have the brakes of each pedicab inspected at least annually by a bicycle repair shop that has a current business licence issued by a municipality, and promptly undertakes any repair or maintenance to the brakes disclosed by such inspection
  • Retain the records of any inspection, repair, or maintenance for at least two years, and makes these records available to the inspector
  • Inspect the brakes and other safety equipment each day prior to operating the pedicab and make adjustments if necessary
  • Obey all provisions of the Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849 and Motor Vehicle Act (normally those applicable to the definition of a vehicle)
  • Not stop to load and unload passengers in any location which would disrupt traffic

Parking requirements

All pedicab operators must pay at parking meters when parked in a metered space, and not park in any restricted zones identified for other vehicles.

Allowed and prohibited streets

Pedicabs can only be operated on streets that the City designates. Drivers who operate on prohibited streets are subject to having their licenses suspended.

Owner requirements

An owner of a pedicab must:

  • Demonstrate, at the City's request, that the pedicab is available for transporting passengers
  • Ensure that parking, storage and maintenance of the pedicab occurs only on private property, except for parking on streets in accordance with other bylaws during business hours while waiting for customers

Third party advertising

The displaying of third party advertising (as defined in Section 2 of the Sign Bylaw) is only allowed in an area on the rear of the pedicab that must not exceed 0.45 m²

Pedicab licence fees

Application (non-refundable) $58
Per vehicle licence $187
Pedicab lessee licence   $13

Contact the vehicles for hire inspector

Phone: 604-873-7555

Apply for a Vehicles for Hire licence

Vehicles for hire licence application form (170.26 KB)

If you want to operate a vehicle that others hire to transport people or property in the City of Vancouver, complete a Vehicles for hire licence application.