Houses and duplexes

House and duplexes are required to register for residential garbage, food scraps, and yard waste collection with the City of Vancouver.

If you do not have garbage or green bin services, phone 3-1-1. 

Your household waste collection schedule is based on your location.

Garbage and green bins

We supply each house or duplex with:

  • One garbage bin
  • One Green Bin for food scraps and yard waste

Replacing missing or damaged bins

Complete our online form to replace your missing or damaged garbage or green bin.

Replace a garbage cart Replace a green bin

Getting additional bins, changing sizes, or removing bins

To order additional bins, change sizes, or remove bins, phone 3-1-1. Our representatives will ask for your:

  • Name, address, and daytime phone number
  • Service requested
  • Current bin size (if applicable)
  • Bin size wanted

You can exchange your bin for free once per year

Every calendar year, you can exchange a bin for a different size, or order an additional bin.

After that, you will be charged $25.00 per exchange, billed on your main property tax notice in late May.

Recycling collection services

Curbside recycling collection services are provided by Smithrite Disposal Ltd, Multi-Material BC's (MMBC) selected supplier.

Contact Smithrite Disposal Ltd directly for services: 

Smithrite Disposal Ltd. 
Phone: 604-282-7966

Resources for managing waste

Garbage bins and green bins

Order a garbage or green bin, and find suggested sizes for your needs. Order more bins, change the size of your bin, exchange or repair damaged bins.

Flat rates

Find out what the rates are for flat rate utilities in Vancouver.