Rendering of Smithe and Richards Park

New park at Smithe and Richards

The Vancouver Park Board is developing a new 0.8-acre park in the downtown core at the intersection of Smithe and Richards streets.

The new park will:

  • Serve as a place for the community to gather, play, experience culture, and seek respite in the bustling neighbourhood
  • Improve the liveability of the area and our city and access to nature
  • Help us achieve the VanPlay’s 10 Goals to Shape the Next 25 Years including Goal 1: Grow and renew assets

What’s happening?

Project update

Construction of the new park began in January 2020 and continued throughout 2021 despite significant delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The park continues to make progress and is expected to open in 2022.

The café is nearly complete and the plaza area is taking shape with amphitheatre seating adjacent to the building and concrete pavers being laid on site. The bridge piers zig zag across the park and the structural trusses have been clad with metal grey pickets. This is contrasted with the warm tones of the wood deck which forms the path of the elevated walkway. 

The children's playground has three exciting new play towers on site. The custom towers range from six to ten metres tall with the tallest spiral tube slide at a height of 6 metres. Six white skyframes have been installed diagonally across the park where they will display public art.

A growing neighbourhood

The park will serve over 10,000 residents and 17,000 employees within a five-minute walk to the park site and include a:

  • Small café space and public washrooms
  • Community plaza with a decorative water feature and seating throughout
  • Pedestrian bridge and promontory extending into the Smithe St right-of-way
  • Children’s playground
  • New trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Over-head sky-frames that will support lighting and ephemeral installations


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