Rendering of Smithe and Richards Park

New park at Smithe and Richards

The Vancouver Park Board is developing a new 0.8-acre park in the downtown core at the intersection of Smithe and Richards streets.

The new park will:

  • Serve as a place for the community to gather, play, experience culture, and seek respite in the bustling neighbourhood
  • Improve the liveability of the area and our city and access to nature
  • Help us achieve the VanPlay’s 10 Goals to Shape the Next 25 Years including Goal 1: Grow and renew assets

What’s happening?

Project update

Construction of the new park began January 2020.  The park is expected to open spring of 2021.


What was a parking lot is now taking shape into our newest downtown park. The foundation for the Café pavilion, located at the southwest corner of the site, is forming to reveal the outline of the building, alongside the underground mechanical room.

On January 28, the first two trusses for the pedestrian bridge landed onto the steel piers, marking a significant milestone for the park. The frame for a large netted hammock was also installed connecting the two trusses. The remaining trusses for the bridge will be trucked and craned to the site in the coming weeks.

A growing neighbourhood

The park will serve over 10,000 residents and 17,000 employees within a five-minute walk to the park site and include a:

  • Small café space and public washrooms
  • Community plaza with a decorative water feature and seating throughout
  • Pedestrian bridge and promontory extending into the Smithe St right-of-way
  • Children’s playground
  • New trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Over-head sky-frames that will support lighting and ephemeral installations


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