Access to services without fear

Access to City Services Without Fear information for staff

What you need to know

We want everyone to feel safe accessing City of Vancouver services and programs, regardless of immigration status. The City of Vancouver’s Access to City Services Without Fear policy (59 KB) is a critical component of our work to create a more equitable Vancouver.

Proof of immigration status or citizenship is not required to access City of Vancouver public services and we should never ask for it. Know what you need to ask, and ask no more. Our actions have impacts – we may unintentionally cause devastating outcomes such as potential deportation, incarceration, or psychological and physical harm. 

The Access to City Services Without Fear policy applies to City of Vancouver services, such as 3-1-1, community services such as street and homeless outreach, emergency operations, fire and rescue, garbage, recycling, and green waste collection, permits, public hearings, and water, sewers, and drainage.

Your role – policy in action

We have an obligation to provide safety and protect everyone’s privacy. When working with members of the public:

  • Don’t ask for proof of immigration or citizenship.
  • Don’t record immigration status as part of registration, forms or notes
  • Don’t share personal information, unless required by law to disclose (in consultation with Privacy Office or Legal), always maintain privacy and confidentiality

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