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Accessible city

What you need to know

The City values all members of its diverse communities and strives to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of ability.

We are committed to removing barriers that might keep you, or someone you care about, from fully enjoying Vancouver.

This includes adding curb cuts on sidewalks, audible signals on crosswalks, improving parking options, and increasing employment opportunities.

What's happeningOur accessibility commitments

The Accessibility Strategy will reflect and reinforces our commitment to:

  • Respecting the rights, dignity, and independence of persons with disabilities over the life course
  • Fostering a safe environment where all people feel valued, included, and a sense of belonging
  • Creating opportunities for persons with disabilities to be involved in decision-making and to participate fully in all aspects of city life
  • Demonstrating how the knowledge and perspectives of persons with disabilities are integrated across all City processes, policies, and decision-making
  • Listening to and addressing the needs of persons with disabilities in City programs, services, and physical infrastructure

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. To mark this day, Mayor Kennedy Stewart issued a proclamation on behalf of the City of Vancouver.

Read the proclamation (511 KB)

Learn more about our proposed strategy

Accessibility Strategy

The Accessibility Strategy will reflect our commitment to support the full participation of persons with disabilities.

Accessibility Task Force

The Accessibility Task Force meets regularly and guides the work on the development of the Accessibility Strategy.

Related programs and services

Building for accessibility

Learn about the City's standards around building for accessibility including the importance of ramps and door handles.

Accessible events checklist and resources

Plan events that are equally accessible and inclusive, including for people with disabilities, seniors, and people who identify as LGBTQ+.

Walking accessibility

Curb ramps and audible signal devices installed at crosswalks help make our streets accessible.

Accessible public transit

How we work with TransLink, the regional transit authority, to plan and develop accessible streets and transportation in Vancouver.

Adapted and integrated programs

Vancouver offers adapted and integrated recreational programs and services for people with disabilities or special needs.

Accessible parking

Find accessible parking in Vancouver. Learn about parking exemptions for people with disabilities, and how to get a SPARC parking permit.

Celebrating leadership

Accessible City

Recognizes those who improve access and inclusion for persons with disabilities, or remove barriers and create opportunities.