Accessible public transit

Leading the way

As part of Metro Vancouver, we are the first federation of municipalities in Canada to adopt a policy offering fully accessible transit services.

All TransLink buses, community shuttles, rapid transit, SeaBus, and West Coast Express trains are fully accessible to people of all abilities.

A universally accessible transit system provides mobility to meet the needs of all residents so they can fully participate in city life. 

Supporting accessible transit

Providing fully accessible transit vehicles is only part of an accessible transit system. It is our responsibility to make sure that people of all abilities can access the transit stops so that they can use transit services.

Our work includes making sure:

  • All transit waiting and boarding areas are improved for accessible transit vehicle operation
  • An accessible public realm, including clear unobstructed sidewalks, smooth surfaces, curb ramps, and audible signals at pedestrian crossings
  • Access to and from transit stops in construction zones and during special events

Accessible city

We are committed to removing barriers and creating equal opportunities for all residents.

Improving bus stops

Our goals are for all bus stop in Vancouver to be safe, convenient, accessible and comfortable for all residents.

Does a bus stop need attention?

  • Phone 3-1-1
  • Report it at Van311