A transit bus stopped at a crosswalk

Bus network improvements

Transit helps people get to essential services, jobs, shops, and activities.

As the economy restarts during the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining and improving on bus speed and reliability is crucial to both customer service and growth in ridership as we achieve our goals set out in the Transportation 2040 Plan and Climate Emergency Action Plan.

As the region grows, so does the demand on our already limited road space. To move more people in the same amount of road space, higher capacity travel options, such as transit, are being prioritized.

With funding from TransLink, we are implementing bus stop and bus-priority enhancements to improve access, comfort, bus travel times, and reliability across the city.

Our goals

  • Make bus trips faster and more reliable
  • Manage road congestion
  • Support safe physical distancing at bus stops

Current projects

Recent projects


Get the definitions to understand the improvements we're making with our bus transit priority pilot project.

Making Streets for People Program

Review projects that have been implemented to help businesses and support public life, such as pop-up plazas, Slow Streets, and more.

Downtown Bus Service Review

The City of Vancouver is working with Translink to develop a short term vision for the bus network in the downtown core.