Community Benefit Agreements Policy

What you need to know

Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) give Vancouver developers a collaborative way to promote growth for the communities they are investing in. 

CBAs are planned and implemented between communities, developers, and the City. This allows developers to align with the needs of equity and equity denied communities and contribute to a shared vision for Vancouver. 

In 2018, Vancouver became Canada’s first major city to institute a mandatory CBA policy for developments over 45,000 square metres. However, all developers are encouraged to sign a CBA, which demonstrates commitment to local, inclusive employment, and social and local procurement targets, which are outlined below. These targets are met during a development’s construction and throughout its operation.

Targeted outcomes

Under the Vancouver CBA Policy, developments covered under a Community Benefit Agreement must demonstrate best efforts to meet the standards listed below. These efforts are supported through communication between planners, developers, subcontractors, and community stakeholders.

  • Local, inclusive employment: Make 10% of all jobs on the development to come from equity-seeking groups and local residents, prioritizing new entry-level hires. 
  • Social procurement: Source a minimum of 10% of material goods and services from third party certified social impact or diverse or equity-seeking owned businesses, with a priority on Vancouver businesses. 
  • Local procurement: Attain 10% of materials, goods, and services from Vancouver companies or companies located in Metro Vancouver or British Columbia. These may or may not also be equity-seeking third party certified businesses.

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When CBA applies

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