Find social and co-op housing in Vancouver

Non-market rental housing is available for Vancouver residents who are unable to pay market-level rents.

These subsidized apartment complexes are located throughout Vancouver, and consist of:

  • Public housing - owned and operated by government agencies
  • Non-profit housing - owned and operated by public and private non-profit groups
  • Co-operative housing - owned and managed by co-operative associations of the residents
  • Urban Native housing - owned and operated by non-profit groups, and targeted to Indigenous Peoples

Search Vancouver's non-market housing inventory

Housing staff keep a complete inventory of all of these non-market housing projects – both the buildings owned by the City, and the buildings provided by other agencies – so you can easily find any facility.

The inventory includes many details about each building, including:

  • Exact street address
  • Number of units it has
  • Types of units available (families, seniors, singles, etc.)
  • A photo
  • Name of the building's sponsor
  • Instructions and contact information for how to apply to live there

Ways you can search for co-op and subsidized housing

Search by neighbourhood

Get a complete list of all of the subsidized rental apartments in Vancouver, sorted by neighbourhood.

Search by provider

Get a list of all of the non-market (subsized and co-op) buildings in Vancouver operated by a specific organization, along with details of each building they operate.

Search by building

Get a list of the names of all of the buildings in Vancouver that offer non-market (subsidized and co-op) housing, then find details about any building on the list.