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Curb ramp installations

This year, we’re installing about 140 additional curb ramps throughout Vancouver to improve access to transit.

We strive to make streets and sidewalks fully accessible for people with mobility challenges

These are in addition to the 100 to 200 curb ramps that are typically installed annually as part of the regular capital program and development projects. 

Curb ramps on street corners provide access for people using strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other mobility aids.

The new curb ramps:
  • Will fill gaps in the existing sidewalk network
  • Include locations previously requested by the public
  • Are within 400 metres of the Frequent Transit Network external website
  • Will be located along walking routes near schools, hospitals, community centres, and senior’s facilities

TransLink Walking Infrastructure to Transit (WITT) Program

This year’s additional curb ramps are supported by TransLink’s Walking Infrastructure to Transit (WITT) funding program.

The program helps local governments provide new or enhanced walking access to transit through a cost-sharing partnership.

Project Details


  • Walking routes throughout Vancouver

Expected duration

  • Start: September 2018
  • End: Winter 2018

What to expect during construction

Access for residents and businesses will be maintained at all times. Please ensure to follow detours during construction. 

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