Photo of a curb ramp

Curb ramp installations

We strive to make streets and sidewalks fully accessible for people with mobility challenges

TransLink Walking Infrastructure to Transit (WITT) Program

Curb ramps installed within 400 m of the Frequent Transit Network are partially funded by TransLink through their Walking Infrastructure to Transit (WITT) program.

The program helps local governments provide new or enhanced walking access to transit through a cost-sharing partnership.

Recognizing the importance of sidewalk accessibility early on, we have been installing over 200 curb ramps per year since the 1960's. There are curb ramps on more than 95% of street corners in the downtown core.

We continue to install hundreds of new curb ramps each year as part of the regular capital program.  This work is guided by our Active Mobility Plan.  We also install curb ramps through development, capital projects and at locations identified by the public. 

Why we install curb ramps

Curb ramps on street corners provide improved access for people using strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other mobility aids.

The new curb ramps will:

  • Fill gaps in the existing sidewalk network
  • Include locations previously requested by the public
  • Be located along walking routes near schools, hospitals, community centres, seniors' facilities, and transit stops.

We do not install curb ramps at entrances to properties including resident's houses and businesses.

Request a curb ramp

Many existing curb ramps in Vancouver were installed because someone asked for them. Let us know if you see a sidewalk that you think needs one.

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