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Employer transportation resources

Employers play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation. Through our new VanGO initiative, we will be providing more support to organizations to:

  • Encourage more active transportation and transit
  • Reduce private vehicle trips 

Encouraging active transportation and transit, and reducing private vehicle trips

What's happeningEmployer Outreach Pilot

In fall 2021, we began to engage employers looking to improve their employees’ sustainable commute programs as they prepare to transition back to the workplace. 

The Sustainable Mobility Toolkit for Employers  (15 MB) has been developed to help organizations build a sustainable commute program that suits the needs of its business and employees. The toolkit features best practices, resources, and incentives that employers can utilize at the workplace. 

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We are developing an employer Travel Demand Management program that will help employers encourage more walking, biking, transit, and car-share use – and reduce personal vehicle trips.

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