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False Creek Flats Arterial

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Update on the Flats Arterial planning process

City staff have reviewed the final report of the Flats Arterial Community Panel and have outlined next steps for City Council.

Based on the community panel’s recommendation and evaluation of the route options, we'll conduct further technical and costing analysis of a narrowed set of options:

  • National-Charles Overpass (panel recommended)
  • Prior-Venables Underpass (second most preferred)

We'll seek a decision from Council on the grade-separated arterial route in fall 2019.

For a full explanation of next steps, read the memo that staff provided to City Council (3 MB)

As part of our Transportation 2040 Plan and False Creek Flats Rail Corridor Strategy, we are seeking opportunities to separate our streets from the Burrard Inlet Rail Line that runs north-south between the False Creek Flats and the Port, west of Clark Drive.

We have been working with project partners to research a potential new arterial to replace Prior Street through False Creek Flats. A new arterial street will allow us to build a safe and cost effective overpass above the rail line.

Consultation and engagement began during the False Creek Flats planning process. We are continuing to gather community input to find the best possible solution.

Learn more about the consultation process. 

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Consultation for False Creek Flats Arterial

Review the timeline, process to date, and documentation of previous public engagement.

Potential alternate routes for False Creek Flats Arterial

Learn about the routes and key challenges that we’ve heard to date.

Community panel

The panel will be convened by the Jefferson Center.


Key issues

During the False Creek Flats planning process, we heard from many stakeholders about what needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on an arterial and overpass route. 

What is the Rail Corridor Strategy

The Burrard Inlet Rail Corridor connects the False Creek Flats railyards with the Port of Vancouver container terminals on the south shore of the Burrard Inlet. Vancouver is part of Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and these rail lines play a vital role in moving goods that support the local, regional, and national economy by connecting British Columbia and Canada to Asia and the world.

Grade-separating Prior/Venables Street from the rail line is important for many reasons:

  • Improve the safety for people walking, cycling, and driving across the rail line
  • Reduce traffic disruptions and shortcutting through neighbourhoods
  • Support local jobs and the economy by moving people and goods more efficiently
  • Move goods with fewer greenhouse gas emissions by trains rather than trucks

The need to build an overpass in the Flats was identified in the False Creek Flats Rail Corridor Strategy (1.25 MB) in 2008. Constructing the Powell Street Overpass in 2014 was the first phase of the strategy. The last remaining arterial street that needs to be separated from the rail by an over or under-pass is Prior/Venables Street.

Rail corridor strategies are an important component of Transportation 2040 to support Vancouver’s role as a major port and gateway and to maximize the opportunities to move goods and people by rail.