Parking tickets by mail

You may get a notice in the mail about a parking ticket that you did not receive on your vehicle. You must pay the parking ticket.

You may not have seen the original parking ticket if:

  • The ticket was removed from the vehicle by someone other than you
  • Your car was driven by someone other than you when the ticket was given
  • The bylaw enforcement officer was unable to place the ticket on your vehicle (for example, the vehicle left before the officer finished issuing the ticket)

A parking ticket is still valid under the circumstances listed above. 

Pay the ticket now

Ask about a ticket

If you have questions about a notice from the City of Vancouver to pay a parking ticket, or if you think you have already paid the ticket, contact our Ticket Inquiry Line at 604-257-8732 immediately.

We will need one of the following:

  • The ticket number on your reminder letter
  • Your vehicle license number
  • Your name