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Scam alert: Parking ticket payment text messages

June 6, 2024: We have been notified of a scam targeting people through text messages requesting they pay an overdue parking ticket.

  • These text messages are not from us.
  • Do not click the link or provide payment details.
  • Report these messages to your cellphone provider and then delete them.
  • We do not notify the public of fines through texting, media, or social media.

City-approved notification methods for parking tickets:

  • Ticket served to vehicle 
  • Ticket mailed to registered owner of vehicle

Do you have a question about your parking ticket? Think you received it in error from the City?

  1. View photos taken by the bylaw officer who issued your ticket.
  2. Call our Ticket Inquiry line at 604-257-8732 Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (except holidays).
    Your ticket may be cancelled if:
    • Your car was stolen
    • The ticket was issued to the wrong licence plate
    • You were parked in an area where you have a valid parking permit
    • A duplicate ticket was inadvertently issued for the same incident
  3. If we cannot resolve your issue, we can help you through the process of completing an adjudication request form.

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Did you get a notice by mail?

Parking tickets by mail

You may get a notice in the mail about a parking ticket that you did not receive on your vehicle. You must pay the parking ticket.