How to have a parking ticket adjudicated

Before you apply for an adjudication hearing

  1. View photos taken by the bylaw officer who issued your ticket
  2. Call 604-257-8732 to discuss your ticket concerns Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.
  3. If your concerns cannot be resolved and you wish to have your ticket adjudicated, make sure you understand how the adjudication process works before you apply for an adjudication hearing.

How the adjudication process works

The adjudication process can take approximately 1 year to finalize.

Once you apply for an adjudication hearing, you can only cancel your application by paying your ticket at any point before the hearing. 

Keep in mind:

  • An adjudicator cannot reduce the ticket amount
  • The issuing bylaw officer does not need to attend the hearing
  • A $25 fee is charged in addition to your ticket if the ticket is upheld
  • You must submit a separate application for each ticket you choose to dispute

A paid ticket cannot be taken to adjudication.

Steps in the adjudication process

  1. Apply for a hearing
  2. Talk to a screening officer
    • A screening officer will contact you to discuss your application.
      • If your ticket is cancelled, the process ends here.
  3. Attend a hearing
    • An adjudicator will make a decision based on the facts of your case.
      • If your ticket is cancelled, the process ends here.
  4. Pay an upheld ticket
    • Pay the full non-discounted ticket plus a $25 fee.
      • If you pay, the process ends here.
  5. Unpaid ticket goes to a collection agency
    • You will owe the ticket value, plus 50%, plus $25 fee.

View photos

Bylaw officer photos

Pay your ticket now

Pay now

Have a ticket adjudicated

Apply now

Prepare for a ticket adjudication hearing

Ticket adjudication hearing evidence

View the evidence that the City will present in your parking ticket adjudication hearing 14 days before your hearing.

Know the parking rules

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