Charter vehicles

If you want to operate a charter vehicle in Vancouver, you need:

To apply for the chauffeur's permit, contact your charter vehicle employer for more information.

Types of charter vehicles

Charter Vehicle Seats Description

Charter bus 

10 or more

  • All seats face forward
  • Operates as a sightseeing venture over a fixed or predetermined route of travel
  • Charges a certain cost per person for each trip, or by charter to transport people on a prearranged basis to a specified location

Charter van

6 to 9

  • Transports people and their equipment by charter to destinations outside the City, where arrangements about the charter van have been made prior to its arrival to pick up passengers

Motor stage

12 or more

  • Transports people from the City
  • Operate at any time (or from time to time), over a route, between fixed termini, or on a regular time or toll schedule

School cab or bus


  • Transports children to or from school
  • Operated by or under contract with the owner or person in charge of the school

School shuttle van 

6 to 9

  • Exclusively transports children (pre-schoolers to Grade 12 students) only between home and pre-school or school
  • Owner or operater contracts a driver before the school shuttle van arrives to pick up any children

Charter vehicle licence fees

Application (non-refundable) $58
Office licence  $151
Per vehicle licence $187

Contact the vehicles for hire inspector

Phone: 604-873-7555

Apply for a Vehicles for Hire licence

Vehicles for hire licence application form (170.26 KB)

If you want to operate a vehicle that others hire to transport people or property in the City of Vancouver, complete a Vehicles for hire licence application.