Commercial Tenant Assistance Program

The information provided is intended to be a helpful service for business operators. It is not to be relied on for legal or other professional advice.

We recommend that you seek appropriate advice as the need arises.

The Commercial Tenant Assistance Program (CTAP) offers support for relocation planning and decision making for a variety of tenants, but especially those impacted by redevelopment in the City of Vancouver. CTAP ensures that all commercial tenants have equal access to reliable and consistent relocation planning and information.

CTAP is for all commercial tenants having to relocate for any reason. It takes an equitable approach to uplift marginalized businesses, with a focus on:

  • Small independent businesses, including heritage and family-run businesses 
  • Businesses owned or operated by IBPOC, non-English speaking, ethnic, newcomer, or other equity-denied communities
  • Non-profit organizations, social enterprises, arts and culture, and food assets

CTAP offers “resource guides” that are intended as a first step for commercial tenants to plan their relocation and where to find support.

All information is available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Punjabi, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

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