Yaletown patio

Get a patio permit for a restaurant or cafe

Patio guide - public property

Inside the guide: program details and example drawings.

Review guide for patios on public property  (9 MB)

NEW! Our new summer patio permit offers businesses greater flexibility and lowers costs compared to the year-round patio permit. Summer permits are available for large sidewalk and curbside patios.

Permit lengths:

  • Summer: April 1 – October 31 (NEW)
  • Year-round: 
    • Small sidewalk: May 1 – April 30
    • Large sidewalk and curbside: April 1 – March 31

City property 

Includes patios on City sidewalks, roads, and public spaces within Vancouver. 

Types of patio permits

Curbside patio permit

Businesses use parking spaces as a patio. Liquor may be served depending on the business type and licence.

Large sidewalk patio permit

Restaurants, cafes, distilleries, and breweries can apply for a large sidewalk patio permit. Liquor service restrictions apply.

Small sidewalk patio permit

Permit allows businesses, including non-food service establishments (like hairdressers or a pharmacy), to have a small patio on the sidewalk.

Private property

Private patio permit

Businesses can install patios on private property.

History of the patio programs

Apply for extended patio hours

Apply online to extend the patio hours at your restaurant from 11pm to 1am during April to October.


Email: street.activities@vancouver.ca