Private patio permit

Restaurants, cafés, distilleries and breweries can apply to have outdoor seating on private property. A development permit is required for each type of patio. 

Private patios must remain closed between 11pm and 7am unless an exception is indicated on your business licence, patio permit, and/or liquor licence. Liquor service is allowed, restrictions apply.

Types of patios allowed on private property

Permanent patio permit - operated year-round

  • You must renew your development permit annually, but only need to apply once. You do not need to renew the associated building permit.
  • The patio may extend onto public property if you have also have a sidewalk patio permit. 
  • The total number of guests, including the patio, cannot be more than you are allowed by your occupancy permit. If you would like to permanently increase occupancy, you may be required to add more customer washrooms or increase your exit capacity. Other upgrades may be required under the Building By-law.
  • This has a higher one-time application fee. Once approved, you only need to renew the permit each year. 

Summer patio permit - valid from April 1 – October 31

  • The patio must not intrude on adjacent properties.
  • You may be eligible to temporarily move up to 50% of your existing seats onto the summer patio.
  • The patio must be removed by November 1.
  • This patio has a lower application fee, but you must apply for it each year. 

Permit requirements

Apply for a private patio permit

Review the requirements and apply.