Yaletown patio

Get a patio permit for a restaurant or cafe

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

Annual 2021 patio permit fees 

May 18, 2021: Annual patio permit fees have been waived for 2021 to support business recovery efforts. You will still be required to apply for a patio permit; however, fees will not apply. If you have already paid for a 2021 patio permit, staff will contact you in the coming weeks to outline refund options. 

Provincial guidelines for patios and outdoor dining spaces 

April 23, 2021: The BC CDC and Ministry of Health have published guidelines for patios and outdoor dining spaces in accordance with the latest Provincial Health Office's order. Review the Provincial guidelines to ensure your patio is in compliance. 

Permits are available for a restaurant or cafe patio located on a:

  • Sidewalk
  • Restaurant/cafe's property

Before applying for a patio permit, you need to have a current business licence allowing you to operate as a restaurant or limited service food establishment.

Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP)

To support business recovery due to COVID-19, we have created an expedited patio permit. Businesses can quickly apply to convert on-street parking or sidewalk spaces into temporary patios. 

  The Temporary Expedited Patio Program doesn't apply to complex patios or any patio that doesn't fall within the program.

Review the steps and apply for a TEPP permit 

Annual patio permits

All permits must be renewed annually except for temporary expedited patio permits. All patios applied for through the temporary expedited patio process must be removed on November 1, 2020.

Small sidewalk patio permit without liquor service

This permit allows businesses to have small sidewalk patios where liquor cannot be served on the patio.

Large sidewalk patio (with railings) permit

This permit lets restaurants have outdoor seating up to the sidewalk, surrounded by a railing, and is required to serve liquor on the patio.

Restaurant or cafe patios on private property

Restaurant or cafe patios on private property require permission from the City. Download the checklist, view contact information, and more.