Limousine inspections

Limousines must pass a safety inspection under the requirements of the provincial Motor Vehicle Act.

Once passing that inspection, limousines must then pass a general condition inspection, as requiremed by Vancouver’s Vehicles for Hire Bylaw.

Book an general condition inspection

Once you have a business licence and Vehicles for Hire licence, schedule a limousine inspection by phoning or emailing the Vehicles for Fire Inspector.

Inspections are scheduled between 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, usually during the same week you request the inspection.

Depending on the number of vehicles that need inspecting, the inspector may come to you.

If your inspection passes, you are issued the plates or the renewal decals immediately. Otherwise, the inspector issues a notice of defects.

Cancel an inspection

To cancel an inspection, phone or email the Vehicles for Hire Inspector.

Contact the vehicles for hire inspector

Phone: 604-873-7555