Fireworks retail permit

To sell fireworks to the public, you need a permit for each retail location within Vancouver from the Fire Prevention Office.

The City is here to help

Contact the Fire Prevention Branch of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services directly for help navigating through the permit process or for more information.


  1. Fireworks retail locations cannot be attached to:
    • A building containing a care or detention facility
    • A residential building, unless it is a sprinklered building and the retail location is separated from the residence portion by a 2 hour fire rating of concrete construction. The sprinkler system must have a current ASTTBC tag affixed to it.
  2. Provide a floor plan of the retail space in which you wish to sell fireworks that shows 2 exits for public and employees to access in case of emergency.
  3. Fireworks must be sold from behind a glass or caged case so customers cannot freely handle the fireworks. The minimum age to handle, sell, or purchase fireworks is 19 years of age.
  4. When selling fireworks, it is illegal to sell:
    • Roman candles, unless they are part of a consumer package
    • Fireworks before October 25 or after October 31
    • Fireworks to anyone under the age of 19 years
    • Fireworks to anyone over the age of 19 years who does not have a permit to purchase and discharge family fireworks

Disobeying these rules may lead to a $500 fine per violation, according to:

Apply for a fireworks retail permit

  1. Download and complete a sale of fireworks permit application form (95 KB) 
  2. Meet with a Fire Prevention Officer at the Fire Prevention Branch to review your documents. If they are acceptable, the officer will sign your forms confirming approval.
  3. Once approved, you will be directed to the Building and Development Services Centre to get your fire permit and business licence if you do not already have one.
  4. Bring your completed form, floor plan, business licence, driver's licence, and fee payment in person to the Fire Prevention Branch.

Note You need a fireworks retail permit and business licence for each retail location.

Fireworks permit fees

Permit Fee
Wholesale fireworks $200
Selling fireworks $250
Explosive permit - display fireworks event $150

Contact Fire Prevention

Monday to Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm

600 - 575 W 8th Ave
Vancouver BC, V5Z 0C4

Want to set off fireworks on Halloween?

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