Short-term rental business licence

New rules take effect September 1

 All short-term rental operators in Vancouver must have a valid business licence and include that number in all online listings by August 31 to avoid fines up to $1,000.

A short-term rental is a home, or room within, rented for less than 30 days at a time. The home must be your principal residence. You need a short-term rental business licence.

A principal residence is the home where you live, as owner or tenant, and use for bills, identification, taxes, and insurance.

Our rules on short-term rentals are to help protect housing meant for long-term use.

We want residents to stay, live, and build a future in Vancouver.

The rules are one way we're carrying out the Housing Vancouver strategy.

Get a licence and put the licence number in your listing by August 31 to avoid fines.

Apply for a short-term rental business licence

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Step 2:
Meet the licence requirements

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Be a responsible operator

Download our handbook PDF file (300 KB)

What about the Empty Homes Tax?

Short-term rentals aren't allowed in homes that pay the tax.

The tax applies to homes that aren't the owner’s principal residence, or that aren't rented long-term. 

More on Empty Homes Tax

Enforcing the rules

Our priority is to enforce the rules on commercial, unsafe, and nuisance properties.

We respond to complaints and review advertisements, among other methods.

We work with online accommodation platforms to ensure all Vancouver short-term rentals:

  • Have a business licence
  • Display their business licence number in all listings

The platforms could remove unlicensed advertised properties and we may pursue additional enforcement of these properties.

Report an issue

Is the short-term rental:

  • Making a nuisance?
  • Unsafe?
  • Not allowed by a landlord or strata?
  • Not used as a principal residence?

Tell us now

The fine to list a short-term rental without a valid license is $1,000 per day.

Bylaw 12078 PDF file (30 KB)

  • About short-term rental accommodations and zoning
  • Amends Zoning and Development Bylaw 3575

Bylaw 12079 PDF file (30 KB)

  • About short-term rental operators and the licence fee
  • Amends Licence Bylaw 4450

Bylaw 12080 PDF file (10 KB)

  • About short-term rental fines
  • Amends Ticket Offences Bylaw 9360

Why we have rules

Vancouver is facing a housing affordability crisis, rental vacancies are low, and short-term rental listings continue to grow. Left unregulated, this large market creates:

  • Health and safety risks to residents and tourists
  • Imbalance between hotels, long-term renters, and others with taxes and licencing fees

Allowing short-term rentals only in your primary residence with a business licence:

  • Allows you to earn additional income
  • Provides Vancouver with short-term accommodation options to support our tourism industry
  • Helps us respond to any concerns with noise, garbage, parking, and safety
  • Helps us protect existing long-term rental housing and potentially add new long-term rental housing to the market





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