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Halloween fireworks permits and safety tips


To ensure a safe and fun fireworks display on Halloween, you need to get a family fireworks permit and follow our rules and safety tips below.

Not obeying the rules may lead to a $500 fine per violation.

You must be 19 years and older to apply for a fireworks permit, and to buy and set off fireworks.

Safety first

 Fireworks may cause serious injuries to the eyes, head or hands. Reduce the risk with proper handling.

Do not try to make your own fireworks! It's illegal and extremely dangerous.


Apply for a fireworks permit in early October

A fireworks permit allows you to purchase and possess family fireworks permit from October 25 to 31, and to discharge your fireworks on October 31.

Please visit this page in early October to apply online for your fireworks permit application.


Fireworks safety tips, procedures and rules

To buy, own, and set off fireworks, follow these procedures and rules.

Rules and bylaws for fireworks

Fireworks can only be set off:

  • On October 31
  • By the permit holder: someone 19 years or older that complies with all the permit conditions
  • On private property, with the property owner's written permission
  • On paths that avoid people, animals, buildings, or vehicles 

 Disobeying these rules may lead to a $500 fine per violation, according to:

Selling fireworks

Looking for information for retailers?

Selling fireworks

Contact Fire Prevention

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