Fireworks display

Halloween fireworks permits and safety tips

As of November 1, 2020, the sale to and the use of fireworks will no longer be permitted in Vancouver

While fireworks will continue at community events such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Celebration of Lights, and Canada Day, they may only be discharged by a Certified Firework Technicians who holds both a Federal Fireworks Operator Certificate and a Municipal Fire Permit from Vancouver Fire Rescue Services. 

Find out more: View Council report (682 KB)

To ensure a safe and fun fireworks display on Halloween, you need to get a family fireworks permit and follow our rules and safety tips below.

Not obeying the rules may lead to a $1,000 fine per violation.

You must be 19 years and older to apply for a fireworks permit, and to buy and set off fireworks.

Apply for a fireworks permit

Bear bangers

To protect residents in Vancouver and reduce unwelcomed noise, the sale and use of bear bangers and other exploding animal deterrents is not permitted in Vancouver. Review by-law

Buying fireworks 

You must have a fireworks permit. After you receive a permit, follow these steps:

  1. Print your permit.
  2. Bring your permit and two pieces of ID to the fireworks vendor.
  3. Keep the permit with you when you set off your fireworks.

Only buy fireworks

  • Between October 25 and 6pm on October 31
  • From retailers who have a permit to sell fireworks
  • That are authorized for use in Canada

Firecrackers or bottle rockets are not permitted to buy or to set off. Roman candles may be purchased only when they are part of a consumer pack.

 Fireworks may cause serious injuries to the eyes, head, or hands. Reduce the risk with proper handling.

Do not try to make your own fireworks! It's illegal and extremely dangerous.

Fireworks safety tips, procedures, and rules

To buy, own, and set off fireworks, follow these procedures and rules.

Rules and by-laws for fireworks

Fireworks can only be set off:

  • On October 31
  • By the permit holder: someone 19 years or older that complies with all the permit conditions
  • On private property, with the property owner's written permission
  • On paths that avoid people, animals, buildings, or vehicles 

Disobeying these rules may lead to a $1,000 fine per violation, according to:

Fireworks retail permit

Find out how to get a fireworks retail permit from the Fire Prevention Office to sell fireworks to the public.

Contact Fire Prevention

Monday to Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm

600 - 575 W 8th Ave
Vancouver BC, V5Z 0C4