Room rentals at Creekside Community Centre

Interested in booking a room for a private function?

By City of Vancouver

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate function, meeting or other event, we have a variety of spaces to suit your needs.

  • Meeting Room 2 (MTG2)

    By City of Vancouver

    Water view and lots of natural light for your event. Square footage: 500. Capacity: up to 20 people, table-seated.

  • Multipurpose Room 1 (MP1)

    By City of Vancouver

    View of the water and door leading directly outside. Small hand washing sink.. Square footage: 600. Capacity: up to 25 people, table-seated.

  • Multipurpose Room 2 (MP2)

    By City of Vancouver

    Rubber floor on portion of room. Great for movement activities or meetings. Square footage: 750. Capacity: up to 30 people, table-seated.

  • Dance Studio

    By City of Vancouver

    Sprung wood floors, mirrors and ballet bars which make this space perfect for performance and dance rehearsals. Square footage: 900 square feet. Capacity: up to 20-25 people for movement activities.

  • Multipurpose Room 4 (MP4)

    By City of Vancouver

    Spectacular views and access to small kitchen facilities. Perfect for weddings, parties, and large meetings. Square footage: 1950 square feet. Capacity: up to 100 people, table-seated.                                                                            

  • Gymnasium

    By City of Vancouver

    Full court gym ideal for sport bookings and trade shows. Square footage: 7500. Capacity: up to 300 people, table-seated.

Room and rental rates

Room Highlights Square footage Capacity Hourly rate (+ GST)
Meeting Room 2 (MTG2)
  • Water view
  • Lots of natural light for your event
500 20 people $30.62
Multipurpose Room 1 (MP1)
  • Water view
  • Door leading directly outside
  • Small hand washing sink
600 25 people $35.71
Multipurpose Room 2 (MP2)
  • Great for movement activities or meetings
750 35 people $51.00
Dance Studio
  • Performance rehearsal or dance space
900 25 people $51.00
Multipurpose Room 4 (MP4)
  • Spectacular views
  • Access to small kitchen facilities
  • Perfect for weddings, parties, and large meetings
1,950 100 people $105.00
  • Ideal for sport bookings and trade shows
7,500 300 people Sport: $76.52

Event: $153.04

Additional charges

Charge Description Amount
Staffing For rentals outside of regular operating hours; number of staff required dependent on activity, scope and size of rental $28.57 – $42.86 per hour
Damage deposit Deposit fee may apply depending on scope of rental event $200 – $1,000
SOCAN and ReSound Music royalty tariff for rentals with music and/or dancing; dependent on rental group size and activity Starting at $31.30

Next steps

  1. Check for room availability .
  2. If you have not yet come to see the room, we recommend that you come view the facilities prior to creating a reservation. Please call our reception desk at 604-257-3050 extension 1 to enquire when a space may be vacant to view.
  3. Once you have viewed the space, you can put in a formal room request .
  4. The Rental Coordinator will contact you within 3-5 business days to let you know if your request has been approved or denied. Please do not make a payment until you receive an email saying your request has been approved.

For more information on Multipurpose room 4, please view our information packages and typical floor event floor plans:

Important information

please note Confetti of any type (including rice, flower petals, paper products, and glitter) is not permitted.