Carnegie Community Centre

Carnegie Community Centre

Carnegie Community Centre — often referred to as the living room of the Downtown Eastside — provides social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities on-site, at nearby Oppenheimer Park, and through an outreach team.

The programs serve low income adults with the goal of nurturing mind, body, and spirit in a safe and welcoming environment.

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What’s happening

The field house at Oppenheimer Park is closed until further notice. Everyone is welcome at Carnegie Community Centre where programs and services are going ahead as usual.

Hours, location, contact info

Find out where Carnegie Centre is located, how to contact us, and our hours.


Discover social, educational, and recreational activities offered through programs at our Main and Hastings location.

Volunteering and donations

Carnegie Community Centre is an important part of Vancouver's rich history. Make a difference as a volunteer or make a donation.

Oppenheimer Park programs

Carnegie Centre programs at nearby Oppenhemier Park, include sports, music, arts, and crafts.

Outreach programs

Our outreach team helps homeless and street-involved individuals find housing, in addition to financial, recreational, and health support.


The Carnegie Community Centre cafeteria serves low-cost, nutritious meals 365 days a year, with a different menu every day.

Membership at Carnegie Community Centre

All services and programs at Carnegie Community Centre are offered free of charge with an annual membership of $1.


Free WiFi is available at this location.

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Support Carnegie Centre

Help Carnegie deliver programs by making a tax-deductible donation to the Carnegie Community Centre Association. Mail a cheque to Carnegie Community Centre Association, or  donate now using PayPal.

How your donation helps

Find the help you need

Homelessness services

Find shelters, financial aid, low-cost meals and recreation, and community centres that serve low-income residents.