Gathering Place cafeteria

The Gathering Place cafeteria serves three meals each day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also sell sandwiches, fresh baked items, healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day. Our kitchen offers a healthy menu, made with the freshest food possible at a low price.

We are unable to meet special dietary needs.

We make every effort to post a weekly menu. Sometimes, operational demands or events beyond our control may cause a delay.

Hours and costs

The cafeteria hours are based around breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Meal Hours Cost
Breakfast 9am – noon $2.25
Lunch 11:30am  – 4:30pm $2.75
Dinner 4:30pm – 7pm  $3.50

Menu Feb 26 - Mar 3

Menu items may change without notice.

day Lunch Dinner


baked salmon with lemon & dill or sesame roasted tofu on rice with salad

beef or veggie sausage with potatoes & veggies



Korean ground beef or dubu jorim(soy braised tofu) on tany rice pilaf with salad

roast chicken or stuffed bell pepper served with potatoes & veggies


Lamb kebob  or veggie cutlet with rice & salad

 Meatloaf or veggie loaf with steamed potato mixed vegetables


Baked pasta with cream sauce, cheese and veggies.  Served with salad

sweet & sour pork or tofu on rice with bok choy



chicken  shawarma or falafel plate  served with salad

teriyaki salmon or tofu with rice & veggies


turkey or veggie burgers with wedge fries


pasta with bolognese or marinara sauce served w/ salad & garlic toast




Butter chicken or saag paneer with rice & salad, served with rice and salad 

Roast pork or mushroom nut loaf with vegetables, mashed potato and mushroom gravy