Aerial view of Jericho Pier

Jericho Pier

On September 11, 2023, the Park Board approved plans for the like-for-like repairs of the aging Jericho Pier. There is no sufficient funding at this time to build the pier renewal with an estimated cost of $25M. The decision taken will not prohibit future opportunities to redevelop Jericho Pier.

The pier suffered significant damage in 2021 and 2022 storm events and is presently closed to the public.

What's happening

Like-for-like repairs approved

Staff will now engage appropriate consultants and contractors to complete the repair work.

Draft concept plan approved

A draft concept plan of the pier was developed in conjunction with public consultation. It was presented to Commissioners at a Park Board meeting on November 6, 2017, where it received unanimous approval.

Project funding

This project is not directly funded in the 2023-2026 Capital Plan and, as of January 2023, a funding source has not been confirmed. In 2017, the project cost was estimated at $16 million. Subsequent construction cost escalations and inflation would bring the cost to a higher level in today's market.

Proposed concept plan

The renewal project is not currently funded in the 2023-2026 Capital Plan. If the renewal proceeds, the reconstructed pier would:

  • Provide an accessible floating dock to provide for users of all ages and levels of mobility, accommodating up to 15 sailboats for the Disabled Sailing Association’s adaptive sailing program
  • Provide seating and views of Burrard Inlet and English Bay 
  • Offer recreational fishing and crabbing opportunities
  • Accommodate future sea level rise
jericho-new-before jericho-new-after

Proposed pier legend

  1. Pier
  2. Seating
  3. Entry plaza
  4. Accessible gangway
  5. Accessible float
  6. DSA’s equipment
  7. Rescue vessels float
  8. Accessible ramp
  9. Stone steps to water
  10. Accessible washrooms
  11. Gravel pathway
  12. Habitat enhancement area
  13. Upgraded multi-use pathway

Jericho Pier Renewal renderings

By City of Vancouver

Pier Plaza

  • Accessible floating dock

    By City of Vancouver

    The dock will accommodate up to 15 sailboats for the Disabled Sailing Association’s adaptive sailing program.

  • Restored pier and entry plaza

    By City of Vancouver

    The accessible pier and entry plaza will include seating with views of Burrard Inlet and English Bay and accessible public washrooms.

  • Accessible pathways and habitat enhancement

    By City of Vancouver

    Foreshore habitat will be enhanced with coastal native species to control invasive species and improve sightlines. Accessible pathways will connect to the pier and the accessible floating dock.

  • Recreational fishing and crabbing

    By City of Vancouver

    The longer and wider pier will continue to provide opportunities for recreational fishing and crabbing.

  • Accommodating sea level rise

    By City of Vancouver

    The new pier and accessible floating dock will be built to accommodate future sea level rise and adapt to climate change.


Here is our progress and planned steps to replace the Jericho Pier.

  • Summer 2016

    Conceptual design

  • Fall 2017

    Public engagement for conceptual design

  • 2020

    Value engineering exercise

  • 2023

    Board approves like-for-like repairs

  • We are here
  • 2023-2025

    Pier repairs

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