Room rentals

At this time, Killarney Community Centre is accepting rental reservations for the January to March 2023 winter season.

Rooms and rentals

Room Capacity (Non-movement, chairs only) Capacity (Movement, with tables and chairs)
Gym (full) - sporting events only 367 people 204 people
Gym (2/3) - sporting events only 238 people 132 people
Gym (1/3) - sporting events only 129 people 72 people
Room 201 - meetings and socials 19 people 11 people
Room 202 - adults only meetings and socials 27 people 27 people
Room 203 - meetings and socials 52 people 29 people
Room 205 - meetings, socials, and dance 95 people 53 people
Room 211 - meetings and socials 26 people 15 people
Kitchen 204 - no cooking allowed, heating and storage 4 people N/A
Pool multipurpose room - meetings and socials 25 people 14 people

Next steps

  1. Check for room availability
  2. If you have not yet come to see the room, we recommend that you come view the facilities prior to creating a reservation. Call our reception desk at 604-718-8200 to enquire when a space may be vacant to view.
  3. Once you have viewed the space, you can put in a formal room request
  4. The Rental Coordinator will contact you within 5-8 business days to let you know if your request has been approved or denied. Do not make a payment, or apply for any applicable permits until you receive an email saying your request has been approved. 
  5. Note that our rental prices and information may change without notice. Gymnasium rentals are generally unavailable until after 10pm, Monday to Saturday and after 8pm on Sundays.