Stanley Park seawall

Stanley Park Seawall restoration

What's happening

June 2018 - construction continues near Beaver Creek Outlet.

Construction west of Brockton Point lighthouse will begin in the second week of June.

Starting in March 2018, the Vancouver Park Board will begin a project to rehabilitate sections of the Stanley Park seawall.

The project will include filling holes, replacing stone, stabilizing foundations, and installing material to protect against water erosion at priority locations between Brockton Point and Sunset Beach.

The work is expected to finish summer 2018. Some of the work will need to take place in the evening or at night to coincide with low tides.

During the project, some walking and cycling sections of the seawall will be temporarily merged while the work is completed. Traffic control people and signage will direct movement and provide information in the affected areas.

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Project work

By City of Vancouver

See the work we plan to do on the seawall.

  • Seal cracks and fill holes

    By City of Vancouver

  • Replace missing stones

    By City of Vancouver

  • Stabilize damaged foundation

    By City of Vancouver

  • Rehabilitate concrete and curbs

    By City of Vancouver

  • Restore stairs

    By City of Vancouver


Construction of the Stanley Park Seawall began in 1917 and continued for the next 70 years.

The seawall provided protection for the park from open waters and served as a promenade around the park. The Stanley Park Seawall was officially declared complete on September 21, 1980, when paving was completed between Third and Second Beach.

Since 1980, the seawall has been extended outside of Stanley Park and today provides a 28 km uninterrupted waterfront route used by millions of visitors each year.

The seawall is subject to seasonal battering, as well as large storms, which cause damage and deterioration to the structure.

The Park Board did a comprehensive assessment of the seawall in 2013 and 2016 to identify and prioritize the work for this restoration project. 

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