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Child development resources

To help you establish a high-quality licensed daycare facility - and provide care that promotes healthy childhood development - City staff have gathered a number of useful resources.

The following documents and websites are all centred around children's services and well-being.

Assessing community needs

Learn how to determine if there is a need for childcare in your area:

Childcare administration

Get tools and advice for running a childcare facility:

Childcare design

Learn how to design a safe and healthy facility that supports a child's development:

Child development hub models

Learn about child development centres that provide expanded services for children and families:

Indigenous culture competency videos for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs)

An understanding of the history and culture of Indigenous peoples is crucial to reconciliation. Musqueam Nation, BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, and Collingwood Neighbourhood House, in partnership with the City of Vancouver and other community partners, created a series of five Indigenous cultural competency video modules and an accompanying study guide for ECEs.

Watch the videos and read the guide to learn about Indigenous culture and history, and develop skills and get tools to teach young children about the rich heritage and history of Indigenous peoples.

Links to other websites

Get support, help, and advice from leading childcare experts throughout the province:

City funding for childcare providers

Social Innovation Project Grants

Provides funding to social service organizations to turn innovative ideas into viable projects that address social change, create or enhance social inclusion and belonging, and help Vancouver's most vulnerable residents.

Childcare Enhancement Grants

Provides funds to non-profit organizations to support new and existing daycares.

Childcare Program Stabilization Grants

Provides funds for non-profit daycare centres facing financial emergencies, to help them strengthen their cash flow and better manage their money.

Childcare Program Development Grants

Provides funds to licensed non-profit daycares to help cover costs for starting new programs or expanding existing ones.

Capital Project Grants

Includes the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Capital Grants and Social Policy Capital Grants. Provides support for capital projects that preserve or increase the capacity of facilities used to address the needs of vulnerable communities in Vancouver. Downtown Eastside (DTES) Capital Grants only fund capital projects within the DTES that help implement actions from the DTES Plan. Social Policy Capital Grants fund small capital projects anywhere in Vancouver.