Episode 1 - Are we there yet?

Even thought there were times I did not feel brave or confident I was determined to become a leader and took on many challenging opportunities.

- Carla Grimann

In this episode

Women have been told to lean in and speak up at work. But when a woman, or those with a marginalized gender, asserts themselves in the workplace, they can be called angry, demanding, or emotional. The old boy’s network is still very much in operation, so how are we supposed to succeed at work? 

Host Carla Grimann chats with Sarah Greenwood of the Minerva Foundation about the barriers women are currently facing in progressing their careers, how to encourage authentic and inclusive leadership, and aligning work with personal values. 

Therese Boullard, former Equity Consultant at the City of Vancouver, breaks down complex concepts like unconscious bias and microaggressions and describes the factors preventing women from becoming leaders. 


2:55: Sarah Greenwood on the work of the Minerva foundation in reaching gender equality in workplaces and leadership roles. 

4:40: How our values should align with how we show up in the workplace 

8:30: Battling perfectionism and the imposter syndrome

12:50: Therese Boullard on improving equity through organizational change.

14:00: Can we just lean in and ask for things? Barriers women are facing on the way to leadership.

19:50: Strategies for leaders to make workplaces safer and more fair for everyone. 


Women's Equity Strategy

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