Episode 2 - You're an engineer?

There was always a lot of surprise, positive and negative like, oh, wow, good for you – you're an engineer.

- Nadine Maurus

In this episode

Nadine Maurus, a junior engineer, still hears this on the job.  As she progresses through school and a career in engineering, she notices fewer and fewer women around her each year.

Host Carla Grimann wants young women to pursue leadership roles and not face the same challenges she has working in the trades. She chats with Nadine about why some jobs still feel like “men’s work,” with cultures revolving around hockey and fishing, and why it’s still rare to see women working in some industries. 

Next, we hear from City of Vancouver Equity Officer Aftab Erfan, about strategies for women who find themselves in these lonely positions and how hiring practices have to change. She discusses the importance of creating a work culture of people advocating for each other and personal strategies to maintain ourselves and not get crushed by it all.


2:03 - Nadine Maurus, an engineer in training, discusses what it’s like to enter a field with mostly men.

5:05 - Standing out as the only woman on the job.

11:47 - Finding mentorship and support with other women. 

18:08 - Equity Officer Aftab Erfan on how the city is working to create more equal workplaces. 

22:43 - How we can better support people that are the only woman in their department, or the only person of colour or person with a physical disability.

27:12 - Men still seem more comfortable hiring other men – increasing female representation and improving hiring practices. 


Women's Equity Strategy

CBC News: Top city hall wage earners in Metro Vancouver are still primarily white and male