Episode 3 - Juggling it all

So this is a really complicated time for women in particular. And largely, they're suffering in silence because of the fear of discrimination.

- Sarah Iacoe

In this episode

Why do women still feel the need to hide their pregnancies at work? Juggling caregiving with a career is a struggle. People are living and working longer and starting families later. Women and others often struggle in silence with the impacts of infertility treatments, pregnancy loss, postpartum depression, adoption processes, finding quality childcare, and more. While caring for parents and other elders is becoming a larger responsibility. 

This week host Carla Grimann and Director of Strategic Operations and Board Relations for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, Sarah Iacoe, talk about “the juggle”. Then Carla is joined by Manager of Organizational Development at the City of Vancouver, Michele Pankratz, to discuss the complications and strategies of caregiving and pursuing leadership.


5:03 - Sarah Iacoe discusses the difficulties of infertility and how pregnancy can still be a taboo topic at work.

12:34 - The motherhood penalty is still impacting women in the workplace and on the path to leadership.

14:16 - The difficulties of finding quality childcare.

20:17 - Finding female role models and better supporting mothers.

30:23 - Michele Pankratz on her career and caregiving.

37:54 - How men can better support women in caregiving.


Children and childcare in Vancouver

Women's Equity Strategy