Episode 4 - Bend like a willow

I've always said I'm like a willow, I'm strong like the willow, I'll bend, but I'm not going to break.

- Donnie Rosa

In this episode

In a work culture that expects employees to be constantly "on" and available, should our definition of success include being tethered to a phone 24/7?

How do we set healthy boundaries between our personal lives and our careers? And how can we advocate for ourselves while maintaining the balance? We'll explore two stories from people who had to define those boundaries in the workplace and the impact of those choices.

Deputy Chief of Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, Celene Lemire, talks about advocating for herself in a job interview with the police, telling them what she thought rather than what they wanted to hear.  

Donnie Rosa discusses self-advocating throughout their career, from professional hockey player to general manager of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, and the importance of balance and making commitments to loved ones and personal time.


Vancouver’s Women’s Equity Strategy