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Justice, equity, decolonization, diversity, and inclusion training for City staff

The Justice, Equity, Decolonization and Inclusion (JEDI) learning pathways is a curriculum (a set of courses and learning opportunities) recommended for City staff. These courses are designed to help us build a more inclusive and psychologically safe work culture and they provide tools for the City to better serve all members of the community.

Courses listed on this page are offered centrally and can be accessed through SuccessFactors. Available online, in-class, or specifically for your team, the courses listed below are built for all staff, supervisors, and managers.

City employees can sign up for training on a variety of topics through the City’s Learning Management System. Log in with your network ID or employee number.

Find the right training for you

Step 1: Choose your learning pathway

Three broad learning pathways are presented below, each focused on a different theme.

  • Decolonization and reconciliation
  • Inclusive workplace
  • Anti-oppression, identity and allyship

For JEDI learning in your specific area of work, see the specialized training at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Choose your learning level

Each learning pathway contains a short set of curated, progressive and cumulative building blocks for learning. Depending on how much you already know, you may start with the foundational courses, or skip ahead to applied or extended courses. Under each pathway, you will also find additional learning opportunities.

If you are still unsure where to begin, read this quick guide for beginning your JEDI learning journey  (150 KB)