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What are multiplexes?

Multiplexes are buildings which include three or more units. Multiplexes are one way to deliver smaller scale ground-oriented housing on single lots. 

This type of housing will meet the housing needs of families looking for a more affordable ownership alternative to a new house or duplex.

At the direction of Council through Motion B.3 (Making Home: Housing For All of Us), approved on January 26, 2022, staff are investigating allowing up to six units on a lot in lower density (RS) areas. This work:

  • Will build on the strong support for more Missing Middle housing
  • Could add more homes in lower density areas 

Preliminary objectives

Vancouver Plan’s vision for evolving low density residential areas includes the introduction of multiplexes in all neighbourhoods across the city. 

To support that vision and as part of our early work, we have identified the following preliminary objectives:

  • Allow building designs that meet the needs of a range of household sizes and types
  • Allow for more flexibility in design and a simpler permitting process
  • Seek opportunities to achieve further affordability by delivering some of the homes as affordable home ownership (AHO) units or by requiring builders to make a payment to us to help fund other affordable housing projects or amenities


  • April 2022

    Public engagement through Van Plan

  • May to Sept 2022

    Develop concept

  • Oct 2022

    Draft proposal

  • Nov 2022

    Public engagement

  • Dec 2022

    Refine proposal based on feedback

  • Jan to March 2023

    Public engagement on final proposal

  • April 2023

    Referral report

  • May 2023

    Public hearing

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