Adanac overpass

Hastings-Sunrise (Adanac Overpass) traffic calming

We're working to implement traffic calming measures in the Hastings-Sunrise (Adanac Overpass) neighbourhood.

In early 2023, we heard from the community about local traffic issues and received feedback on our traffic calming toolkit. 

We heard support for keeping the Adanac Overpass open for:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Taking transit
  • Driving 

Now we are looking for community feedback on traffic calming measures we are considering for the neighbourhood and on our proposed design for Adanac Street.

What's happeningGet involved

Share your thoughts on traffic calming and our Adanac Street design by:

  • Participating in 1 of 3 pop-up events
  • Joining our online workshop
  • Filling out our survey

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