Adanac overpass

Adanac Overpass

The Adanac Overpass is frequently used by non-local drivers, particularly during weekday peak commute times, to bypass traffic on nearby arterial streets.

In response to safety concerns from residents, we hosted a transportation “Listen and Learn” session in May 2017.

We worked with residents to gather and map information about transportation issues in the neighbourhood.

Monitoring of Adanac Overpass

FortisBC has completed much of its work on E 1st Avenue. We anticipate their ongoing work will continute to impact traffic.

Access to the Adanac Overpass will remain restricted for a few months to prevent short-cutting as traffic patterns stabilize. During this time, staff will gather additional data to monitor changes to traffic in the area as E 1st Avenue is fully reopened.

Once we have more information about traffic patterns, we will engage the community to weigh potential options that address ongoing traffic concerns. This public consultation will take place before further changes to the Adanac Overpass and the Rupert Street Southbound Connection.

What we heard

  • Residents are concerned about non-local traffic shortcutting through their neighbourhood
  • Areas of particular concern for shortcutting are the Adanac Bikeway, and streets adjacent to and near A.R. Lord Elementary School.

To address concerns from residents, we're planning a temporary closure of the Adanac Overpass. The closure will be timed with the upgrade of natural gas lines by Fortis BC along E 1st Ave.

Once construction along E 1st Ave is complete, we will reopen the overpass and meet with the neighbourhood to discuss the future of the Adanac Overpass. We anticipate that Fortis BC’s work on E 1st Ave will require at least six months to complete. Sign up for our email newsletter for updates on the project and timeline.

Traffic data

The majority of vehicles travelling over the Adanac Overpass during rush hour are non-local commuter traffic:

  • 71 per cent travelling westbound during the morning rush hour
  • 73 per cent travelling eastbound during the evening rush hour

Data collected throughout the temporary closure will be used to inform future planning.

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Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones to create and deliver these safety upgrades.

  • May 2017

    Listen and Learn

  • Spring 2018

    Adanac Overpass closed
    Temporary U-turn system setup

  • Spring 2018

    Fortis BC begins work on East 1st Ave
    U-turn area still in place

  • Late 2018

    Fortis BC completes work on East 1st Ave

  • Late 2018 -
    early 2019

    Ongoing monitoring of overpass closure

  • We are here
  • Early 2019

    Community consultation on the future of the Adanac Overpass