Speed Hump Program

Speed humps are used on residential streets near schools and parks.

Speed humps are installed to reduce the speed of traffic.

Speed humps are spaced evenly along a block, 50 to 90 metres apart, and are located 10 to 30 metres from an intersection.

Criteria where a speed hump can be installed

We install and pay for speed humps on local streets, especially streets:

  • Near schools and parks
  • With bike routes where there is excessive speeding

We don't install speed humps on streets that are:

  • Bus routes
  • Collector or arterial streets
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Emergency response routes
  • Next to firehalls and hospitals
  • Sharply curved
  • Steep
  • Used by trucks in industrial areas

Request a speed hump on a street

  1. Check that your speed hump request meets our criteria above.
  2. Download and complete the Speed Hump Request Form, and mail or email it to the address noted on the form.

How we handle your request

  1. We complete a vehicle volume and speed survey, typically during the spring and fall, and analyze the results.
  2. We notify you and your neighbours of the survey outcome. If the criteria for speed humps are met, we send a letter to all residents on the street about the speed hump request and ask for their support.
  3. To approve your request, we need at least 30% of notified residents to respond, and at least 50% to support your request.
  4. Once approved, we prioritize your request based on its score. Typically, we are able to construct speed humps on 20 to 30 streets per year.

Request a speed hump in a lane

If speeding is a problem in your back lane, complete a request online.

Request a speed hump in a lane

If speeding is still a problem

If speed humps are installed on your block and speeding is still an issue, contact the Vancouver Police Department non-emergency line at 604-717-3321.