Neighbourhood Traffic Management Program

We are refreshing our approach in how we deliver traffic calming to neighbourhoods in need across the city. The program will implement traffic calming measures to address speeding and shortcutting on local streets.

Program goals

  • Improve the comfort of people walking, biking, or rolling on local streets
  • Improve safety for people using local streets
  • Apply an objective and equitable approach for selecting neighbourhoods
  • Inform interventions with broad and equitable engagement
  • Encourage coordination with related City initiatives to identify co-benefit opportunities

To support the program goals, we have developed a framework for selecting neighbourhoods, an expanded toolkit for traffic management on local streets, and a process for working with communities to deliver projects.

For this program, neighbourhoods are defined as local traffic areas of the city bounded by arterial streets.

Toolkit of measures

Traffic calming measures will be built using durable, quick-build materials, including interim concrete barriers.

The measures have been used in the past on local streets, and may include speed humps, enhanced crosswalks, one-way diverters, and curb bulges. 

Questions about the program?