Broadway rapid transit

The City of Vancouver is working with partner agencies Translink and the Province of BC to plan and deliver rapid transit improvement along Broadway for several years.

The Broadway Corridor is BC’s largest employment centre after Downtown Vancouver.

The Broadway Corridor stretches from Commercial Drive to UBC, and connects jobs and innovation hubs in our region, including Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and UBC.

The Corridor is currently served by the 99 B-line, the busiest bus route in Canada or the USA. At Commercial Drive and Broadway, 2,000 people are left waiting for the next bus every morning. Every year, 500,000 people waiting at bus stops along this route get passed by at least one full bus.

Broadway Subway project

Together with the Province, we're advancing the design and construction of the Broadway Subway, a tunneled extension of the subway.

Arbutus to UBC

We're working with Translink to plan for an Arbutus to UBC Sky Train extension.