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Adopt-a-Block Program

COVID-19 update: Adopt-a-Block program

February 5, 2021: To comply with provincial Public Health Orders, Adopt-a-Block litter cleanups are only permitted for: 

  • Cleanups by individuals
  • Cleanups involving members of your immediate family

Please postpone your cleanup if you plan to include participants from outside your immediate family. 

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support for our program. Check back for updates.

Love your neighbourhood? Show your love by adopting a block today.

Adopt-a-Block is a volunteer-based program with the goal to create a cleaner and more vibrant Vancouver.

Adopt-a-Block encourages residents, businesses, and organizations to take an active role in keeping their community healthy and litter-free, while also strengthening important community relationships.

About the program

Sign up for Adopt-a-Block and get free leaf bags

Join our volunteer litter pickup program and rake in a bonus – free bags for fall leaf collection. 

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How to volunteer for Adopt-a-Block

  1. Select a block or area you would like to adopt.
  2. Invite others to join and get their commitment.
  3. Pledge to keep your block or area clean for at least a year.
  4. Complete the online registration using the form below.
  5. When your cleanup is completed, submit your post-cleanup report.

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