How we capture carbon pollution

Focus of this plan

  • Capturing carbon pollution through projects within Vancouver
  • Setting a target for capturing carbon pollution outside Vancouver

All future scenarios successful at limiting global warming to 1.5ºC will need to include extensive use of approaches to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Natural climate solutions (NCS) is one approach that focuses on natural processes and systems to capture carbon from the atmosphere into living systems. NCS projects take time to reach carbon capture potential as ecosystems are slow to develop. 

What this all means

As we move to capture more carbon, here are a few on things you could notice over the next few years:

  • Land-based carbon capture projects in Vancouver and the region could include reforestation, improved forest management or forest protection, improved farming practices, composting, and soil enhancement techniques. 
  • Ocean/aquatic carbon capture projects in Vancouver and the region could include coastal and freshwater wetland restoration, management or protection, among others.

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