Parks, gardens, and beaches

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Enjoy Vancouver's great outdoors by exploring its stunning parks, gardens, and beaches.

From small neighbourhood green spaces to large destination parks and feature gardens, the Vancouver Park Board maintains more than 250 parks that make up 11% of Vancouver's land mass.

Ten oceanside beaches and one freshwater lake beach provide residents and visitors ample access to the water, as does the 22 km Seawall that circles Stanley Park and False Creek.

Rain or shine, Vancouver's physical splendour can inspire you with many ways to stay active at the same time that it soothes you with its beauty.

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Browse this list to learn about the parks in your neighbourhood. To locate a park by its name, use your browser's search tool. It will search this page and highlight park names that match.

Arbutus-Ridge area parks

Park name Map Address Featured amenities
Arbutus Village Park 4202 Valley Dr Playground
Carnarvon Park 2995 West 19th Ave Playground
Park site on Puget Drive 4309 Puget Dr  
Park site on Quesnel Drive 4301 Quesnel Dr  
Park site on Trafalgar Street 4600 Trafalgar St  
Prince of Wales Park 4780 Haggart St Jogging trail
Quilchena Park 4590 Magnolia St Dog park, Playground, Jogging trails
Ravine Park 2159 West 36th Ave  
Trafalgar Park 2610 West 23rd Ave Playground


Downtown area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Andy Livingstone Park    89 Expo Blvd Skateboard park 
Art Phillips Park (formerly Discovery Square)   625 Burrard St  
Cardero Park     1601 Bayshore Dr   
Cathedral Square    566 Richards St  
Coal Harbour Park    480 Broughton St   
Coopers' Park   1020 Marinaside Cres Dog park, Playground,
Skateboard park 
CRAB Park at Portside    101 East Waterfront Rd  Playground 
Creekside Park    1455 Quebec St  Playground 
David Lam Park    1300 Pacific Blvd  Playground 
Devonian Harbour Park    1929 West Georgia St  Dog park 
Downtown Skateboard Plaza   Quebec St at Union St Skateboard park
Emery Barnes Park    Davie St and Richards St Dog park, Playground
George Wainborn Park    450 Beach Cresc   
Harbour Green Park    1199 West Cordova St   
Helmcken Park    1103 Pacific Blvd   
Marina Square    1675 Bayshore Dr   
May & Lorne Brown Park    801 Beach Ave  
Pioneer Place (Pigeon Park)   399 Carrall St   
Portal Park    1099 West Hastings St   
Roundhouse Turntable Plaza    181 Roundhouse Mews   
Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens    578 Carrall St   
Victory Square    200 West Hastings St   
Wendy Poole Park    199 Alexander St   
Yaletown Park    901 Mainland St  
sθәqәlxenәm ts'exwts'áxwi7   872 Richards St  


Dunbar-Southlands area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Balaclava Park    4594 Balaclava St Dog park, Running track, Playground
Camosun    4102 West 16th Ave  
Chaldecott Park    4175 Wallace St Playground 
Deering Island Park    3530 Deering Island Place  
Memorial West Park    4701 Dunbar St Playground 
Musqueam Park    4000 South West Marine Dr Dog park
Pacific Spirit Park    Crown St and West King Edward Ave  
Park Site on Blenheim   3500 Quadra St   
Quadra West Park    3250 Quadra St  
Valdez Park    3210 West 22nd Ave Dog park


Fairview area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Charleson Park    999 Charleson St  Dog park, Playground
Choklit Park    West 7th Ave and Spruce St   
Granville Island Water Park    False Creek Community Centre  
Granville Loop Park   1435 West 5th Ave  Playground
Granville Park    3001 Fir St  Playground
Sutcliffe Park    1318 Cartwright St  
Willow Park    802 West 7th Ave   


Grandview-Woodland area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Alice Townley Park    1775 Woodland Dr   
Garden Park    1851 Garden Dr   
McSpadden Park    2125 Victoria Dr  Playground
W.C. Shelly Park   1500 East 8th Ave  Playground


Hastings-Sunrise area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Adanac Park    1025 Boundary Rd  
Bates Park    669 Fellowes St  
Burrard View Park    650 North Penticton St Playground 
Callister Park   2875 Oxford St  
Cambridge Park    2099 Wall St  
Charles Park    3400 Charles St  
Clinton Park    2690 Grant St Playground 
Dusty Greenwell Park    2799 Wall St  
Grandview Park    1657 Charles St Playground
Hastings Community Park    3000 East Pender St Playground 
Hastings Park    2901 East Hastings St Skateboard park 
Kaslo Park    2851 East 7th Ave Playground 
MacLean Park    710 Keefer St Playground 
McGill Park    2305 McGill St  
Mosaic Creek Park   1475 Charles St  
New Brighton Park    3201 New Brighton Rd Dog park, Playground 
Oppenheimer Park    400 Powell St  Playground 
Oxford Park    2050 Wall St  Playground
Pandora Park    2325 Franklin St  Playground
Park site on Trinity Street    2303 Wall St  
Rupert Park    1600 Rupert St Playground 
Salsbury Park    1806 Adanac St  
Strathcona Linear Park    787 Prior St  Playground 
Strathcona Park    857 Malkin Ave

Dog park, Running track,
Playground, Skateboard Park 

Sunrise Park    1950 Windermere St Dog park, Playground 
Templeton Park    700 Templeton Dr Playground, Running track 
Thornton Park    1166 Main St   
Thunderbird Park    3485 East 2nd Ave Playground 
Trillium Park    National Ave and Thornton St    
Victoria Park    1425 Victoria Dr Playground 
Woodland Park    705 Woodland Dr Playground 


Kensington-Cedar Cottage area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Brewers Park    4175 Victoria Dr Playground 
Cedar Cottage Park    2650 Clark Dr Playground 
Clark Park    1500 East 14th Ave  
General Brock Park   2301 Brock St Playground 
Glen Park    3999 Glen Dr Playground 
Grays Park    4850 St. Catherines St  Playground 
John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park    3300 Victoria Dr Dog park, Playground, Jogging trail 
Jones Park    5350 Commercial St  Dog park, Playground 
Kensington Park    5175 Dumfries St  Playground, Skateboard park 
Kingcrest Park    4150 Knight St  Dog park, Playground 
Sunnyside Park    1100 East 17th Ave  Playground 


Kerrisdale area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Arbutus Park    7601 Arbutus St   
Elm Park    5800 Elm St  
Fraser River Park    8705 Angus Dr Dog park
Kerrisdale Centennial Park   5898 Yew St Playground 
Malkin Park    6001 Balaclava St  
Maple Grove Park    6875 Yew St Playground 
McCleery Golf Course    7188 Macdonald St  
McCleery Park    6501 Marine Cresc   
Shannon Mews Park    1151 W 57 Ave  


Killarney area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Captain Cook Park    3398 East 54th Ave   
Champlain Heights Park    3351 Maquinna Dr  Playground 
Earles Park   2801 East 41st Ave Jogging trails, Playground
Everett Crowley Park    8200 Kerr St Dog park
Fraserview Golf Course   7800 Vivian Dr  
Killarney Park    6205 Kerr St Dog park, Playground 
Kinross Ravine Park    3350 South Eeast Marine Dr   
Norquay Park   5050 Wales St Playground
Riverfront Park    2750 East Kent Street South  Playground 
Rosemont Park    3101 Rosemont Dr   
Sparwood Park    6998 Arlington St  Dog park


Kitsilano area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Almond Park 3600 West 12th Ave  Playground
Arbutus Greenway Park West 11th Ave (between Vine St and Arbutus St)  
Connaught Park 2390 West 10th Ave Playground
Delamont Park 2091 West 7th Ave Playground
Hadden Park 1905 Ogden Ave Dog park
Jean Beaty Park 3393 Point Grey Rd  
Kitsilano Beach Park 1499 Arbutus St Playground
Margaret Pigott Park 2743 Point Grey Rd  
McBride Park 3350 West 4th Ave Playground
Point Grey Park Site at Stephens Street 2699 Point Grey Rd  
Point Grey Park Site at Trafalgar Street 2601 Point Grey Rd  
Point Grey Park Site at Trutch Street 3215 Point Grey Rd  
Rosemary Brown Park West 11th Ave and Yew St  
Seaforth Peace Park 1620 Chestnut St  
Tatlow Park 2845 West 3rd Ave Playground
Vanier Park 1000 Chestnut St  
Volunteer Park 2855 Point Grey Rd  


Marpole area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Ash Park   8288 Ash St Playground
Ebisu Park   8805 Osler St Playground
Eburne Park   950 West 71st Ave  
Fraser River Trail   Hudson St on the Fraser River  
Marpole Park   1410 West 72nd Ave Playground
Oak Park   900 West 59th Ave Playground
Park Site on Shaughnessy Street   Shaughnessy St and the Fraser River  
Riverview Park   1751 West 66th Ave Playground
Shannon Park   1575 West 62nd Ave  
William Mackie Park   1592 West 71st Ave Playground
Winona Park   7575 Columbia St Playground


Mount Pleasant area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Carolina Park   2100 Carolina St Playground
China Creek North Park   1001 East 7th Ave Jogging trail, Playground
China Creek South Park   1255 East 10th Ave Skateboard park
Guelph Park   2390 Brunswick St Playground
Habitat Island   South East False Creek  
Hinge Park   215 W 1st Ave Dog park
Jonathan Rogers Park   110 West 7th Ave Playground
Major Matthews Park   2627 Manitoba St Playground
Mount Pleasant Park   3161 Ontario St  
Robson Park   599 Kingsway Ave Playground
Sahalli Park   East 7th Ave & Fraser St  
Tea Swamp Park   266 East 15th Ave Playground


Oakridge area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Cambie Park    500 West 54th Ave   
Columbia Park    5908 Alberta St  Playground 
Langara Golf Club    6706 Alberta St   
Langara Park    West 49th Ave and Columbia St   
Montgomery Park   1040 West 43rd Ave Playground  
Tisdall park    6210 Tisdall St  


Renfrew-Collingwood area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Aberdeen Park    3525 Foster Ave  Playground 
Beaconsfield Park    3215 Slocan St Playground 
Cariboo Park    3450 E 29th Ave  Playground  
Carleton Park   3450 Price St Playground  
Collingwood Park    5275 McKinnon St Playground   
Falaise Park    3434 Falaise Ave  Dog park, Playground 
Foster Park    5501 Aberdeen St  Playground 
Gaston Park    3470 Crowley Dr   
Melbourne Park    3530 Vanness Ave   
Price Park    3650 Price St Playground 
Renfrew Community Park    2929 East 22nd Ave  Playground 
Renfrew Ravine Park    3900 Renfrew St   
Slocan Park    2750 East 29th Ave Playground 


Riley Park area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Cartier Park    390 East 36th Ave  Playground 
Grimmett Park    169 East 19th Ave  
Hillcrest Park    4501 Clancy Loranger Way  Jogging trail, Playground 
Nat Bailey Stadium   4601 Ontario St Dog park
Prince Edward Park    3773 Prince Edward St Playground 
Queen Elizabeth Park    4600 Cambie St  Dog park
Riley Park    50 East 30th Ave  Playground 


Shaughnessy area parks

Park name Map Address Featured amenities
Angus Park   3600 Angus Dr  
Braemar Park   895 West 27th Ave  
Devonshire Park   1250 Devonshire Cresc  
Douglas Park   801 West 22nd Ave Jogging trail, Playground
Heather Park   702 West 18th Ave Playground
Kerrisdale Park    5670 East Blvd Running track
Oak Meadows Park   899 West 37th Ave Dog park, Jogging trail
Shaughnessy Park   1300 The Crescent  
VanDusen Botanical Garden   5251 Oak St  


Sunset area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
George Park    500 East 63rd Ave  Dog park, Playground 
MacDonald Park    300 East 44th Ave Playground 
Memorial South Park    5955 Ross St  Playground, Running track 
Moberly Park   7646 Prince Albert St Playground 
Ross Park    7474 Ross St  Playground 
Sunset Park    404 East 51st Ave  Dog Park, Playground 


Victoria-Fraserview area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Bobolink Park    2510 Hoylake Ave  Playground 
Fraserview Park    7595 Victoria Dr  Playground 
Gladstone-Riverside Park    2500 East Kent St South   
Gordon Park   6675 Commercial St  
Humm Park    7250 Humm St  Playground 
Nanaimo Park    2390 E 46th Ave Playground 
Tecumseh Park    1751 E 45th Ave  Dog park, Playground 


West End area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Alexandra Park    1755 Beach Ave   
Barclay Heritage Square    1433 Barclay St   
English Bay Beach Park    1700 Beach Ave   
Morton Park   1800 Morton Ave  
Nelson Park    1030 Bute St  Dog park, Playground 
Stanley Park    2000 West Georgia St Dog park, Jogging trails, Playground, Running track  
Sunset Beach Park    1204 Beach Ave  Dog park


West Point Grey area parks

Park name  Map  Address  Featured amenities 
Hastings Mill Park    1575 Alma St Playground 
Jericho Beach Park    3941 Point Grey Rd  
Locarno Park    4445 North West Marine Dr  Dog park, Playground 
Spanish Banks Beach Park   4801 North West Marine Dr Dog park 
West Point Grey Park    2250 Trimble St Playground
Westmount Park    4651 West 2nd Ave  Playground 


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