Studios in the Artist Studio Award Program

All studios are currently occupied by local artists. 

Starting later in 2024, staff will be considering ways to improve the program and do not anticipate a new intake prior to 2025. There are also new studios under development (1.8 MB)

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Art practices allowed

All studios are approved for producing carvings, creative writing, dance, drawings, moving- or still photography, music, paintings, pottery, sculptures, textile crafts, weaving, and video.

Welding and glassblowing are not permitted. None of the studios have venting for toxic fumes. Soundproofing varies so the use of amplified music is generally not permitted.

There are currently 6 studios in the program: 

  • 4 residential workspaces (live-work)
  • 2 work-only

Live-work studios

Occupancy in the live-work bachelor studios is for one to two adults

Work-only studios