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Housing Vancouver strategy: Background and documents

Housing Vancouver focuses on providing a great variety of housing across the city—the right homes Vancouver residents need, and can afford.

From our most vulnerable residents and seniors to young people and growing families, everyone who wants to live in Vancouver should have access to housing that is adequate and affordable.

Over the last three years, Vancouver has been creating new housing supply at a record rate. However, there is a significant need for new housing to meet the needs and incomes of Vancouver residents.

As Vancouver grows, new housing should respond to our incomes, families, and lifestyles.

Annual Progress Report 2019 and Data Book (6.08 MB)

Our latest annual report on progress towards Housing Vancouver targets and Data Book with key housing market and affordability metrics.

Housing Vancouver strategy

Our detailed plan to address the housing crisis.

3 year action plan 2018-2020

120 actions to help our residents with their housing.

Delivery and financial strategy (738.04 KB)

Our plan to deliver affordable housing across the spectrum of income needs.

Planning Vancouver Together: Vancouver (City-wide) Plan

We’ve launched the process to develop the Vancouver (City-wide) Plan that will guide our city to 2050 and beyond.

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Our work before the housing strategy

Before the start of this initiative in 2011, we had already made significant advances in the efforts to end homelessness and provide affordable housing for all.

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