Supportive housing for seniors

Developing a supportive housing facility for seniors

The City allows supportive and assisted housing for seniors in virtually all zoning districts, including Gastown, Chinatown, and the Downtown Eastside.

If you are interested in starting a housing project for seniors, our planners can help.

First, read the “Seniors Supportive and Assisted Housing Design Guidelines,” then contact the City's Social Infrastructure Division for further information.

Finding supportive housing for seniors

City staff do not manage supportive housing for seniors, or oversee the supportive housing application process.

There are, however, resources available that will help you find supportive housing and other services for seniors.

Seniors Housing Directory of BC

The Seniors Housing Directory of BC can help you find supportive housing for seniors throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver Coastal Health's provides assisted living services such as accomodations, meals, recreation opportunities, and medication management.

Interested in sponsoring supportive housing?

City staff can help facilitate new supportive housing projects.

If you are interested in sponsoring or building a social housing project, please get in touch to learn more about the process.


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