A farmer's market at the Queen Elizabeth plaza

Vancouver Civic Theatres Activating Spaces Grant

The Vancouver Civic Theatres (VCT) Activating Spaces Grant seeks to address the need for space by arts and culture groups, increase the use of our civic theatre spaces, and enhance Vancouver's status as a liveable city. 

This VCT grant is administrated by Vancouver Civic Theatres and focuses on small, non-profit organizations looking for space to produce projects in Vancouver.

This grant supports events at:

Current status: Open

How to apply

  1. Review the VCT Activating Spaces Grant information guide (142 KB)
  2. Contact VCT’s community engagement specialist to confirm your organization's eligibility, check on venue availability, and complete a booking request form.
  3. If your group and project are eligible, we will email you an access code to apply online using VanApply .

Learn more about this grant on the Vancouver Civic Theatres website .