Find tour-bus parking

We provide tour-bus parking locations for loading passengers at tourist destinations while considering the needs of all who use our streets.

Tour bus drivers can use:

  • Commercial lanes
  • Commercial loading zones, loading zones, and passenger zones
  • Parking meters with full payment of all spaces the bus occupies
  • No parking anytime zones (5-minute limit)
  • Locations on the map below

Additional loading and parking locations

Parking lots

EasyPark is a City-owned non-profit company that manages parking lots that are owned and leased by the City of Vancouver.

Parking is available by the day and year at Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. One ticket or pass is good for both locations.

Find EasyPark parking lots and rates External website

Parking tips

To avoid parking tickets, tour-bus operators should never:

  • Stop and load at TransLink bus stops
  • Load or park in taxi, police, or consular zones
  • Stop or load within 6 m of an intersecting sidewalk
  • Stop or load within 6 m of a crosswalk
  • Stop or load in a rush-hour lane of traffic
  • Park on residential streets or lanes
  • Double park to load or unload
  • Fail to pay for all meter spaces occupied by the bus while the meter is in effect
  • Allow engines to idle for more than 3 minutes unless passengers are loading or unloading

Tour bus zones are reserved for tour buses

Tour-bus zones

Get the rules for tour-bus parking, including the bylaw, and details on tour-bus loading and parking zones.